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Moka Saint is a Mocassin brand, traditionally handcrafted by Spanish shoemakers. The result is some very elegant and stylish shoes with premium quality aimed for the best experience of your feet.

Our online store has a diversity of the most exclusive models for men and women.

Enjoy our offers!

About our Products

We have the nicest combination of soles and leathers in our collection:

  •  Baron and Baroness Shoes are our premium and traditional loafer, totally made with the best leather. Sole in leather, allowing the natural contour of your feet for the best comfort and elegance. These shoes are made with the type of leather taken from calves, box calf or calf as most quality shoes. 
  • Chevalier and Dame Shoes are our elegant shoes, also with a premium quality of leather. Sole in leather for the best comfort and elegance plus a shining type of leather Antik, very traditional and nice looking.
  • Gentleman Shoes are very comfortable and stylish kind of loafer. Made with sole in leather, allows natural contour to take place and maximum comfort with a soft kind of Suede or Vegetal leather.
  • Sir and Madam Moka Shoes are stylish loafers with premium quality of leather. Made with sole in Rubber, very resistant and durable, with the best leather taken from calves, box calf or calf as most quality shoes.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Moka Shoes are our most stylish loafers. Made with sole in Rubber, with soft Suede leather or the shining Antik leather.
  • Master and Miss Moka Shoes are our “animal friendly” shoes, with sole in Rubber and Vegetal type of leather. Warranty of elegance and style of our loafers, with synthetic material.

We have a variety of styles with these combinations, with our family of shoes: